About Us

We are engaged in horse tourism in western style. Family ranch Gallop was established in 1990. From an abandoned farmhouse we built the complex of stylish cabins, which provides accommodation for riders on horseback, and guests who come only accommodate and enjoy the beauties of nature too. Around the ranch is about 60 hectares of pastures with 30 heads herd of horses.

You can find in our ranch Czech Warmblood breeds are (partly Shagya Arabian) and Appaloosa. As far as the color of horses, you will find almost all: buckskin, chestnut, bay, roan, piebald horses and black horses.

Horses are born on our ranch and are all year below the open sky. Education and training of horses for their work to perform ourselves. Aside from horses with us, you can even see a herd of North American bison grazing in the ranch area.