Riding on horse back

If you like to spend an attractive holiday or you are thinking how to use your free time - in this case there is a great solution to spend your holiday on horse back. Riding around local nature can offer a very nice experience for everyone. Travelling through the landscape of Adršpašsko-teplických rocks and Jestřebích mountains brings every time any adventures and lots of deep impressions.

In our local nature you can find a plenty of hills, rocks and different woodland types. Greens change the style of the ride, woods afford shadows and fine agreeable cold in hot summer days, rivers and brooks, lakes and mist valley bordered sheer slopes, ridges of rocks from their top you can have a beautiful view to large surroundings. In one sentence...during the ride through a fable countryside you can forget to your daily troubles and acquire pleasant memories of exceptional and unforgettable experience.

More about horse riding

Our horse riding are for people with the basic experience. We are riding by free countryside.

For people with a few experiences we can recommend a shorter ride around 2 hour. For strong riders we can offer longer rides around 4 hours in saddle. With a launch it is a whole day ride.

Riding on horse back together with the nature makes unique conjunction for uncommon experience.

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